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Beautra Instruments is an Innovative Personal Care Brand that aims to deliver Premium Personal Barber Hair Cutting Kit and Hairdressing Barber kit and Hair dressing Scissors and Razors products to provide you an unmatched protection on each haircut. We envision to evoke the masses about safety during haircuts to prevent contagious epidemics.

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Latest Products

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Beautra instruments offers a wide range of Premium barber professional and personal kits with high quality hair cutting instruments. These hair cutting tools are specially designed by our group of professionals taking great concern of your professional needs and different varieties of hair cutting instruments keep you safe from contagious diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS etc .

Are you looking for more than formal haircutting? Beautra instrument offers variety of barber kits which are in wide range and have complete packages for your hair care. We care your hair and fully understand the modern trends of hairdressing. All skilled barbers prefer to use highly professional hairdressing tools and equipment to yield best results for the satisfactions of their customers. The needs of customers are higher day by day and a simple or traditional barber kit is not enough for today barbers to meet the modern trends. With a lot of research of many years and involvement, we are considered as a real part of the main producers, provider and exporters of a selective scope of Hair cutting, hair dressing accessories. A wide scope of hair care items offered by us are Premium personal barber kit, professional salon hairdressing kit and complete barber personal kit. All of our kits comprise of everything you need to get cutting and hairdressing right away, including barber razors barber professional scissors and other accessories.

Health and hygiene risks are increased and a great challenge of the day. We care your health and more cautious about your skin. Threat of germs and infections are directly related to personal barber kit and accessories used by him. We are totally aware with these risks of

infectious diseases and don’t let you endanger your or your clients lives. Our team of professionals have designed a premium personal barber kit to give you enhanced experience. This comprises all the essentials which a professional barber wishes in his complete barber personal kit. An ideal kit for your styling and cleansing needs. The perfect description of its meaning the Premium Personal Barber kit has all the items practically manufactured for your ultimate hygiene and protection from various germs. Disinfect able tools that are protected by Leather Bag. This personal barber kit is one of the most handful having versatile and convenient tools to keep your hair in shape at home. The instruments in this kit let you groom and trim a variety of facial hair styles, from cutting hair, to trimming your beard, to detailed work on mustaches, sideburns etc. The finest premium personal barber kits also come with a handy storage case, which help you keep all the tools neatly managed, and allows you easily take them with you on the go.

We provide a wide range of personal and professional barber kits with a wide range of features. We have the fines collection of hair cutting and hair dressing products, hair salon accessories, hair styling equipment and much more. We are presenting you the most dependable and reliable service in the provision of professional tools for hair cutting saloons.

Our professional saloon hairdressing kit must for every hair specialist, professional barber and hair dressing expert. We create top quality tools to keep your job easy and smart. The most important tools for a barber for perfect hairdressing experience are included in this kit. This kit has both, and more! The best part is that this personalized toolkit works as a shield against germs. The sleek pouch also keeps the tools intact and clean. We deal a variety of professional barber kits in Kuwait and throughout the world. A high-quality barber kit in Kuwait is on your

doorstep. You can also order it from any part of world. We provide quick service with a professional approach for our clients to win their trust and satisfaction. The hair cutting salon is one of the most popular places where we provide our services to the clients. Barbershops are the best places for men to groom their look. A barber shop or hair saloon provides men a good time to improve outlook and finely tune their personalities.

Haircut and Hairdressing trends are modernized and revolutionized. Professional haircut needs professional barber kits with sterilized haircut tools. High rated and professional barbers always prefer professional salon hair cutting kit. This kit includes complete set of hair cutting accessories. We assure this is much more than a formal basic barber kit. The use of regular scissors is a risk causing hair split and smash hair.

The barber hair cutting kit designed for quality salons and professional barbers. This is a professional barber’s personal barber haircutting kit and includes sharp and straight blade scissors, hair thinning and hair dressing scissors. These scissors are guided by comb during trimming, chop and shortening your hair. The

blades these scissors are made up of stainless steel with highly sharp edges provide you desired haircut.

Top quality sophisticated hair care instruments, hair cutting scissors, hair dressing tools, barber aprons, small scissors designed for skilled barbers, hair experts and hair care saloons. Professional barber kit consists of different types of hairdresser tool kit, instrument kit, etc. You can confidently choose from our newest collection of instrument kits, professional salon hairdressing kit, personal hairdresser tool kit and more to take them in wholesale costs. We have products from some of these finest quality and offer that best bargains on trendy items that people enjoy.