About Us

About Us

Beautra Instruments Company do not compromise on quality and standards. We use a highly refined material for production of our high-quality barbering tools. We are the sellers and wholesalers of all kinds of beauty and haircutting Instruments. We present an extraordinary and selective item extend, which is known for their exceptional examples, fine completing, washable and versatile use. With our items being made through cutting edge hardware, we have had the option to procure fame in the worldwide market. Giving most extreme consideration on quality, we have earned a particular situation in the market for utilizing just unrivaled quality crude material in our range. Redesigning our abilities, item range and innovation on a standard premise as indicated by changing business sector situation, today we have arrived at the peak of achievement.

Our vision is to increase the professional skills of our barbers and enable them to get use of professional barber tools. In this regard we offer a variety of professional barber kits in Pakistan and throughout the world. These kits are easily available in a best competitive price. The main attribute of our company is to make our barber kits accessible to every barber in an average price

range. A high-quality barber kit in Pakistan is on your doorstep. You can also order it from any part of world.

Our main motif is to update and modernize barbering trends. There is no doubt that this is impossible without up to date hairdressing and hair cutting barber kits having well designed and easy to use instruments. The use of traditional scissors is a threat causing hair split and smash hair. Expert barbers don’t compromise on these regular scissors and prefer our specially designed barber scissors. Our barber haircutting scissors has Specific design with sharp blades. Barber hair scissors and barber shears are significantly sharp and smart look. These scissors vary in size and shape and fit the need of professional barber’s needs. We also offer some special treatment for your hair.

We offer you the best quality of services at affordable price. We are providing you the best Experience the best smooth snug free, sharp cutting. We are the best dealers of hair styling scissors, thinning scissors, professional straight razors. We offer a quality maker offer incredible range of Professional barber scissors at unbeatable price. The professional barber hair cutting kit designed for quality salons and professional barbers. This is a professional barber’s own personal haircutting kit and includes sharp and straight blade scissors, hair thinning and hair dressing scissors.

In last we wish best of luck to all our dignified customers who trust in us and attached with our company. No doubt we have great packages and discounts for such clients to regard their belief in us. They not only enhance their services quality by using beautra instrument but also helped us

in leading forward our mission to clean and purify the barber shops. We are highly recommended and loved because we wish a pathogen free worldwide.


Few researches have been conducted to assess the knowledge of barbers regarding human immune deficiency virus (HIV) transmission in worldwide. They have predicted that a barber shop might become a potential place for transmission of deadly blood borne diseases such as acquired immune-deficiency syndrome HIV AIDS, Hepatitis B and C. Majority of the barbers had low school education. Although sharing of barber tools is a route of HIV transmission Most of the barbers have a little knowledge about sterilization of hair cutting tools to prevent contagious diseases. Their poor barbering practices are mainly due to their low education and lack of use barber hair kits having perfect sterilized hair cutting and hairdressing tools. This practice a great risk for aggravating the HIV pandemic in Pakistan. Moreover Covid-19 is also a great challenge and highly contagious disease.

Since there is doubt that prevention and care minimize the risk of pandemics and outbreak of contagious disease. The germs free and sterilized barber’s apparatus ensures health and hygienic environment. Most of the health-conscious clients prefer to visit those saloons which are built with an idea to provide full of hygienic atmosphere. The barber shops having updated and well-designed instruments for hair cutting and hairdressing are the most liked places for the customers. The salons which are well aware of cleansing and germ-free services are visited by extra number of clients.

We are fully aware with the fact that a professional barber tool kit is the need of time for every barber. We established our manufacturing of these variety of barber kits in Sialkot Pakistan to provide a professional haircutting saloon kit to each and every barber at his door step. This step

is taken to enhance the professional skills of hair experts and also decrease the threat of outbreak of the pandemic diseases due to non-professional tool kits.

Keeping in view the latest trends of modern salons we have designed a wide range of barber kits to provide you a best experience to barbers. There are personal barber kits, premium personal barber kits, professional saloon hairdressing kits and many more in our stock in very competitive prices. These kits have all the essentials which a professional barber love to use in his job.